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John Owhonda


John mesmerizes audiences of all ages as he builds bridges of understanding and good will from one culture to another.

A writer and storyteller, John performs his own original stories and time-honored African folk tales in a style handed down through centuries or oral tradition in his native Nigeria.

The human experience remains the same the world over; we all strive for the basic need--to eat, to live, to be happy. Everybody can relate to that, John says with the authority of who has lived in four countries and on three continents.

One of his goals is to help people gain respect for other peoples, and have a better understanding of other cultures by pointing out the commonality of the human experience around the world. 

What Others Say About John...

...your workshops always receive the highest comments of praise!...I cannot even begin to tell you what a "hit" you are with the students and the teachers...in the past three years you were number one--hands down

...we do hope that your schedule allows you to be a part o this, our seventh annual Literary festival...It certainly would not be the same success without you!

Ann Swope Highland Park Literary Festival

I worked closely with John during the filming of his screenplay, Akeem and the Golden Wristband...on locations with the students...he coached and nurtured their creativity...his attention to detail as he encouraged young actors to refine and hone the skills that he naturally demonstrated...I was most impressed by the way those young people looked up to him for guidance and support...John possesses great gifts that need to be shared with students.

Dale Bula, New Horizon Educational Services

John has been approved by Texas Commission on the Arts for their Arts in Education Residency Program.

In this day of virtual reality video games and blow-you-out-of-the theater special effects movies, Owhonda has the ability to capture and hold the attention of audiences, young and old, with just his voice and personal charisma.

His presentations lead imaginations to take flight and soar, as this dynamic African Griot guides his listeners on mind's eye journeys that have no physical boundaries.

Storytelling is the best way to teach history, values and wisdom.

Educate a child with a story and he will remember the lesson long after you are gone. 

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